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In a complicated commercial energy market, it’s good to know that at least one key provider is specifically looking out for multi-site organisations. We operate across the following sectors:


Universities, colleges, trusts and schools manage multiple buildings and sites and need to keep their costs as low as possible. The Pozitive Energy approach gives education providers energy that’s low-cost, high-control.


Operating a network of warehouses round the clock creates high energy usage. We work with numerous logistics providers to match their high tech operations with detailed energy insights.


Our state-of-the-art technology platform makes it easy for retailers to track energy use and costs across every store, thanks to our tailored billing approach.


We work with many well-known hotel and hospitality brands, providing low-cost green energy with full analytics across their portfolios.


Public Sector operations from healthcare to prisons and defence are choosing Pozitive Energy to meet their efficiency and environmental objectives.


We power hundreds of forecourts and roadside services across the UK, as the first choice for low-cost, green energy with full transparency.

Licence Restriction

We have applied to Ofgem to restrict our permissions to supply to domestic premises. For more information, click here Or contact Customer Care on 0333 370 9900 or customercare@pozitive.energy.