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We’re dedicated to creating supportive, successful partnerships. Our origins as energy brokers ourselves give us unrivalled insight into what our partners need to create an exceptional customer experience.

Partner Benefits

Our tariffs are low-cost, transparent and  we provide green energy on demand. Pricing is updated daily so you can offer the latest and most competitive quotes to your customers. We provide:

  • Dedicated support
  • Training
  • Opportunities for loyalty commission
  • A partner portal, specifically designed to meet your needs

Partner portal features

Everything you need for complete customer relationship management, including:

  • Quote generation
  • Contract generation
  • E-sign technology
  • The ability to view client invoices and consumption details
  • The ability to track a sale in real time from start to finish


We keep our overheads low to pass profit opportunities on to partners. Our unique calculator generates 50 quotes in just three minutes.


Generate single and multi-site contracts with the Partner Portal.