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Have a question about working with Pozitive Energy and what to expect? You should find the answers here. Search our Frequently Asked Questions below or explore our topic areas.

Do I need to do anything before I switch to Pozitive Energy?

Yes, before you request to switch to us, you should check your current supply contract for a notice period and whether you will be liable for any early exit fees if you go ahead with the switch. You should then give notice to your current supplier in accordance with your supply contract. 

Once your switch to us is agreed, you should settle any outstanding balance on your account as instructed by your current supplier

How long will it take to switch to Pozitive Energy?

It typically takes 21 days from the day we receive your request to switch unless:

- your current supplier has objected to the switch
- we need additional information from you to complete the switch
- you have chosen a later start date for your supply contract with us to start

What happens once I switch to Pozitive Energy?

It typically takes 21 days to complete a switch. Occasionally, the switch can take little longer, so it’s important that you plan ahead carefully.

When you’ve requested to switch your energy supply to us, this is the usual process we will follow:

• Perform a credit check on your business and if applicable on you
• Check if there is Green Deal charges associated with the premises
• Contact your existing supplier and let them know you have requested to switch to us and the date we’ve agreed with you. We will check with your current supplier if you are eligible to switch
• Once your switch is agreed with your current supplier, we will send out a confirmation pack. This includes your contract with us and details such as your account number, the price of your energy and other important information relating to your new supply. We email this and also send a copy in the post.
• Contact you to discuss your energy meter.

You’ll need to:

• Check all the contract details are correct

• Submit a meter reading within three days of your supply starting.

What happens when my Fixed Price Energy Plan is ending?

We'll write to you with a renewal quote around 60 days before your Fixed Price Energy Plan ends.

If you don't renew with us by the last day of your contract, we'll put you onto a ‘Variable Rate’. For smaller businesses these prices are displayed on our website and will be stated in the renewal letter. For larger customers we will notify you in writing what the rates will be.

On a Variable Rate your prices won’t be fixed, but we’ll let you know at least 30 days before they change. You can go back onto a Fixed Price Energy Plan at any time.

If you want to change supplier, you'll need to write to us 30 days before your current Fixed Price Energy Plan comes to an end. This date will be in your renewal letter.

Get in touch to renew any time until the day your plan is due to end. Your first point of call will be the energy broker who originally organised the contract
I want to leave Pozitive Energy and switch to another supplier. What do I need to do?

If you want to leave Pozitive Energy, please:

• Give us notice as stated in your supply contract with us – it’s usually 30 days
• Check if you liable for any early exit fees – they will apply if you are on a fixed term contract
• Make sure you've paid all your outstanding bills
• Give us your final meter reading the day your contract with the new supplier starts.

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