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Have a question about working with Pozitive Energy and what to expect? You should find the answers here. Search our Frequently Asked Questions below or explore our topic areas.

What do I need to do before I move out?

If you are a Pozitive Energy customer and you’re moving out of your business premises, please do let us know as soon as possible. This is important – if we’re not aware that you’re moving, you will still be considered as legally responsible for the supply of energy as well any associated costs.

On the day you do move out of the premises, please call us on 03333 70 9900 and supply Pozitive Energy with your closing meter read. We’ll generate your final bill for you and send it to your new address.

How do I pay my final bill?

The easiest way to pay your final bill is by calling us. We’ll calculate your final bill and you can pay the amount with a credit or debit card.

Why have you billed me from a different date to when I moved in/moved out?

We’ll bill you for the period when you’re legally responsible for the energy supply at the premises, which may not be the same as the date when you actually moved in or out.

In some cases the previous occupier, or the occupier’s representative, may have provided incomplete information, or it is different to the details you’ve provided.

To help us bill you accurately and resolve any conflicts of information, we may ask for a photograph of your meter read or proof of tenancy e.g. a lease agreement, or a solicitor’s letter.

Why do you need my meter readings?

We use your meter readings to calculate your bill. It means we can charge you for the energy you’ve used, rather than estimate your costs. It also means we can refund any credit balances we may owe you. You should provide us with a meter reading as soon as you stop, or start, being legally responsible for the energy supply at your premises.

I've just moved business premises. What do I need to do?

Take a meter reading and then contact us.

When you move into new premises, the existing energy supplier to the property will put you on a ‘deemed rate’, unless you’ve agreed a new contract.

Deemed rates are generally higher than Fixed Price Energy Plans where your rates are fixed over a certain amount of time- normally 1, 2 or 3 years.

Deemed rates are also known as a deemed contract or default rates.

How long does it take for my move to be processed?

It takes us around 10 working days to change your billing and supply details to your new address.

If you've been waiting for over 10 working days, please give us a call.

I've recently moved in and I'm getting bills for the previous tenant/owner. What should I do?

Please call us with a meter reading and tell us the date you moved.

It’ll take around 10 days for us to transfer your billing and supply to the account in your business name.

Why am I still being billed for premises I’ve left?

This will be because your account is still open at those premises.

We can only close the account after you’ve told us you’re no longer legally responsible for the premises, and when you’ve paid the final bill or received any credits to your account.

Please call us with a meter reading and tell us the date you moved.

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