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Have a question about working with Pozitive Energy and what to expect? You should find the answers here. Search our Frequently Asked Questions below or explore our topic areas.

Why should I be more energy efficient?

For two very big reasons! Increasing your energy efficiency will reduce your costs which may increase your profitability. And even more important for all our futures, energy efficiency will help the environment.

How can I manage being more energy efficient?

It’s very hard to reduce what you can’t measure. Pozitive Energy offers several solutions for helping monitor energy consumption. From Automated Meter Readers (AMR’s) and Smart Meters, to our Customer Portal powered by Enalytics. And the best bit? *Pozitive Energy can provide these solutions without additional cost to our customers.

*Based on meter installations being performed during normal business hours, Monday to Friday and that the meter is in a suitable location to receive a wireless signal. Enalytics is provided to all current Pozitive Energy customers without charge.

How can I be more energy efficient?

The options available to be more energy efficient are enormous. Some very low-cost suggestions would be changing lightbulbs to more energy efficient ones whilst only light areas you are working, don’t leave equipment which isn’t in use on standby, don’t leave items charging once they are fully charged, and when you use heating, turn it down by just one degree.

There are several third-party companies and organisations who specialise in providing energy efficiency advice. For more information, please visit one or more of the following: www.energysavingtrust.org.ukwww.estaenergy.org.ukwww.carbontrust.com.

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