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Environmental Products

What are the benefits of environmental products?

  • The industry is currently in an energy transition, with a global shift towards net zero carbon energy solutions
  • Your business can take responsibility for its output and lead the change
  • Increase your corporate value through clear environmental messaging
  • Satisfy voluntary or mandatory disclosure

Why Pozitive Energy?

  • We can act as an aggregator, giving smaller businesses and energy suppliers unique access to these products where they usually wouldn’t be able to
  • We can calculate your consumption and advise on how much you need to purchase
  • We can actively assist you in placing this in the market space
  • Our products are available with or without a Pozitive contract
  • We offer highly competitive rates for all of our products
  • We measure your offsets bill to bill, so you can buy products based on your actual usage rather than your forecasted usage


Carbon offsetting allows businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and cancel out residual carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits. With Pozitive Energy, your business will be able to compensate for its CO2 emissions while supporting projects which deliver a range of environmental, social, and economic benefits in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Pozitive Green Certificates

Pozitive Green Certificates show that electricity and gas have been generated from renewable sources and are beneficial to the environment and economy.

Carbon Neutral Projects We Support

Most carbon offsetting projects work by protecting vital areas of natural carbon storage, such as rainforests and peatlands. These are known as ‘carbon sinks’, and they absorb and store huge amounts of CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere. As carbon dioxide emissions impact the global atmosphere, it makes perfect sense for your carbon emissions to be offset somewhere else in the world. You can buy one carbon credit for every tonne of CO2 emissions produced by your business, and at Pozitive Energy we will retire your credits and provide you with carbon neutral certification.

Who does it benefit?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are at the heart of every carbon offsetting project; in 2015, the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which included 17 Sustainable Development Goals to promote and achieve economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection. Carbon offsetting projects fulfil these goals while reducing and even avoiding the impact of CO2 emissions in the global atmosphere.

Cordillera Azul National Park Project, Peru

We have invested in 2 carbon offsetting projects that collectively deliver on 13 of the 17 SDGs. The Cordillera Azul National Park in Peru protects sections of the Amazon rainforest from deforestation and degradation. This project supports the conservation of indigenous biodiversity, as well as 25 sustainable enterprises which provide 716 jobs, 30% of which are taken by women. By 2021, the project will have helped to improve 6 schools in the local community, benefiting 5,000 people.

Kantingan Mentaya Project, Indonesia

he Kantingan Mentaya project in Indonesia generates 7.5 million tonnes of carbon credits annually through the protection of peat swamp forest, which is a valuable carbon store, even more so than rainforests. Through this project, the habitats of 5 critically endangered species and 8 endangered species have been protected, and 500 jobs have been created for people in the local community.

Why Pozitive Energy?

At Pozitive Energy, we have selected from the world’s largest portfolio of offsetting projects, all of which are fully researched and maintained by experts, and with a significant amount of due diligence. Carbon offsetting is by far the most effective way to achieve carbon neutral status for your business, because of the widespread benefits which deliver value for local communities, biodiversity and the environment while achieving net zero emissions.

Licence Restriction

We have applied to Ofgem to restrict our permissions to supply to domestic premises. For more information, click here Or contact Customer Care on 0333 370 9900 or customercare@pozitive.energy.