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Environmental Products

What are the benefits of environmental products?

  • The industry is currently in an energy transition, with a global shift towards net zero carbon energy solutions
  • Your business can take responsibility for its output and lead the change
  • Increase your corporate value through clear environmental messaging
  • Satisfy voluntary or mandatory disclosure

Why Pozitive Energy?

  • We can act as an aggregator, giving smaller businesses and energy suppliers unique access to these products where they usually wouldn’t be able to
  • We can calculate your consumption and advise on how much you need to purchase 
  • We can actively assist you in placing this in the market space 
  • Our products are available with or without a Pozitive contract
  • We offer highly competitive rates for all of our products
  • We measure your offsets bill to bill, so you can buy products based on your actual usage rather than your forecasted usage


Carbon offsetting allows businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and cancel out residual carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits. With Pozitive Energy, your business will be able to compensate for its CO2 emissions while supporting projects which deliver a range of environmental, social, and economic benefits in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs) and Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGOs) show that electricity and gas have been generated from renewable sources. The outcome of REGOs/RGGOs is net zero carbon, but without the widespread environmental, social, and economic benefits of carbon offsetting projects.



Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) are certificates issued to operators of accredited renewable generating stations for the eligible renewable electricity they generate. ROCs are tradeable commodities used by suppliers to demonstrate that they have met their obligation.



Guarantees of Origin schemes are required by countries to disclose the origins of their renewable energy, and Guarantees of Origin (GoO) are a tradeable commodity. Green excluded electricity (GEE) is electricity supplied in Great Britain, produced by renewable sources and generated in an EU country.

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